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It is a professional enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of the power quality control equipment. It has two levels of qualification of substation engineering projects, such as loading, repairing and testing. It is an excellent supplier of power, new energy, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other systems. It is the key high new technology enterprise of the national Torch Program, the software enterprise of Shandong Province, Shandong power transmission and distribution power electronics equipment engineering laboratory has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards and enjoys high praise at home and abroad.



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Clean supervision

Clean supervision

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Power Electronic Company Personnel Work Integrity System
First, the purpose
In order to create a clean and efficient working atmosphere, strengthen the Company's personnel work to build an honest and clean government, constantly enhance self-discipline awareness, improve the legal system concept, standardize the behavior of all personnel and labor, strictly and honestly, self-discipline, self-discipline, innocence, clean work, and consciously accept the supervision of the entire staff This system is specially formulated for the Taikai Group to recruit talented personnel and maintain the purity of the personnel team.
Second, the system rules
1. Personnel workers and employees in the work activities must be clean and honest, obey the law, and must not use the convenience of their posts to accept bribery, and no behavior such as “eating, taking, carding, or asking” should be allowed.
2. Personnel, labor, and personnel should work according to the procedures for their duties. They must not abuse their power, make false gains, favor personal gains, engage in malpractices for personal gains, and refrain from gangs and “personal relations” or “human relations.” It is not allowed to use personal powers privately to engage in various personal paid mediation activities.
3. Personnel workers and employees have the responsibility to supervise the implementation of the “Corruption System.” Each company should establish an “opinion box” for supervision. Any violation of the rules and regulations of the system should be promptly reported to the relevant supervisor.
4. Personnel and labor personnel should strictly implement the provisions of the "Corruption System." After investigation, it is verified that there is a violation of the company's behavior. The company will immediately cancel its position until the dissolution of labor relations. For serious cases, the company will hand over the legal responsibility to the judicial authorities.
Taikai Power Electronics Co., Ltd. Personnel Office person in charge: Liu Wencheng
Personnel personnel: Yao Jinlei, Zhang Xiao, Wang Min
Supervisor: Corporate Audit and Legal Affairs Office Supervision Telephone: 0538-2075867 Supervision Email: