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It is a professional enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of the power quality control equipment. It has two levels of qualification of substation engineering projects, such as loading, repairing and testing. It is an excellent supplier of power, new energy, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other systems. It is the key high new technology enterprise of the national Torch Program, the software enterprise of Shandong Province, Shandong power transmission and distribution power electronics equipment engineering laboratory has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards and enjoys high praise at home and abroad.

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Reactor new product certification meeting

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ShandongTaikaiPowerElectronicsCo.,Ltd.independentlycompletedtheresearchanddevelopmentofreactoridentificationwillbesuccessfullyconcluded EntrustedbytheChinaFederationofMachineryIndustry,ShandongMachine
Shandong Taikai Power Electronics Co., Ltd. independently completed the research and development of reactor identification will be successfully concluded
Entrusted by the China Federation of Machinery Industry, Shandong Machinery Industry Association of Science and Technology co-hosted and held the independently-developed reactor product appraisal meeting in Taian from November 17 to November 19, 2017. The meeting invited leaders and experts from various industries such as the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, the State Grid Power Inspection Department, the China Academy of Electric Power, the China Southern Power Grid Institute, and the National Grid DC Department to attend the meeting.
A total of 10 types of reactors were used for product identification. The appraisal committee carefully listened to the reports on R&D, technical and economic analysis of each product, reviewed the product appraisal data in detail, relied on advanced design concepts, combined technology and process innovation, The products were highly recognized by the participating experts. In the end, all products successfully passed the new product technical appraisal. Among them, the 1100kV line filter reactor and the 500kV bridge-arm reactor have reached the international leading level for similar products, and the DC reactor has reached the international advanced level. AC filter reactors, current limiting reactors, shunt reactors, etc. have reached similar products in China. Advanced level.
The successful conclusion of the reactor appraisal meeting once again proved that the company's products have already taken the lead in the industry and occupied the technical commanding heights. Through the development and innovation of technology and technology of Taikai People, and the optimal management and control of production management, we believe that Taikai will be better tomorrow!