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Dry magnetic-bias arc suppression coil

productdescription: Theoperatingprincipleofthearcsuppressioncoilcompensationdeviceistocompensatethedifferencebetweentheinductorcurrentflowingthroughthefaultpointandthecapacitivecurrentby180degrees.Aft
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product description:
 The operating principle of the arc suppression coil compensation device is to compensate the difference between the inductor current flowing through the fault point and the capacitive current by 180 degrees. After the compensation, the fault current flowing through the fault point is less than 5A, thus reducing the power system's occurrence due to the single-phase intermittent arc grounding. The purpose of overvoltage.
 Our company has successfully developed the TKXH series arc suppression coil grounding compensation complete sets for the power grid system of 66KV and below by learning from foreign advanced technologies. The microcomputer controller uses an embedded control system to automatically detect and identify the operating status of the power grid. In the normal operation of the power grid, the real-time tracking and measurement of the neutral displacement voltage is performed to accurately calculate the grid-to-ground capacitance current and compensate according to the system requirements. In the event of a single-phase grounding, quick and reasonable compensation is achieved to ensure the safe operation of the system. Optional small current grounding wire selection device reports grounding wire selection.
 The safe operation of the power system and the reliability of the power supply have become more and more important, and the choice of neutral grounding mode is an important factor that directly affects the above two indicators. With the increase of outgoing cable of the power grid, the capacitive current of the system increases rapidly. After the single-phase grounding, the current flowing through the fault point is relatively large, the arc is extinguished, gap-to-arc arc grounding overvoltage is easily generated, and endangers personal safety, equipment safety, and interference. Communication and the accidental tripping rate increased significantly. For this reason, China's Electric Code DL/T620-1997 "Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination for AC Electrical Installations" and GB50169-92 "Construction and Acceptance Specifications for Grounding Installations of Electrical Installations" stipulate: Single-phase earth faults of 3 to 66 kV systems. When the capacitor current exceeds 10A, the arc suppression coil grounding method should be used for the neutral point.
 Device features:
 Higher safety: The damping resistor is connected in series to the side of the arc suppression coil, which can effectively avoid the system's resonant overvoltage.
 Higher reliability: The device uses the STM32F103ZET6 chip as the core controller, using strong and weak electrical isolation, isolated power supply, hardware and software watchdog, hardware continuous self-test technology, optical isolation, and non-contact design to ensure high system reliability .
 Modular control system: The control unit can support up to two parent sections. Each functional module of the control unit is designed as a separate plug-in, which is configured according to the needs of the user.
 Flexible communication method: The controller has RS-232, RS-485 serial interface and communication components. It can be used as a sub-station to access various integrated automation systems, with telemetry, remote signaling, and remote control functions.
 Tuning/capacity product features:
 The grounding compensation speed is fast: The sirens-type arc-extinguishing coil adopts the pre-adjustment type to compensate and compensate, and can compensate the single-phase grounding fault in 2ms, which greatly reduces the chance of developing a permanent fault from the instantaneous grounding fault.
 The reliability of the system is high: the squeezing arc-suppression coil has a simple structure and high reliability. The suppression of the arc suppression coil has little dependence on the power supply and the controller, and can continue to compensate in the event of faults and abnormalities.
 One time and two times complete isolation: The damping resistance of the damping box of the complete device adopts thyristor self-triggered technology to realize double short-circuit protection and ensure that the primary and secondary systems are completely isolated.
 Perfect protection function: Perfect protection functions are designed, including complete blocking protection functions such as gear-to-head locking, back-and-adjustment locking, interlocking locking and single-phase grounding action locking, so that the entire system is safe and reliable.
Phased product features:
 Wide adjustment range: Phase-controlled arc suppression coils have a wide range of compensation currents, and are infinitely continuously adjustable within the rated current range.
 Compensation residual flow is small: the phase-controlled arc suppression coil is continuously and smoothly adjusted, and the residual current can reach a minimum value to ensure reliable arc extinguishing.
Application area:
 Product Usage The device can be applied to the capacitive current compensation of 6~35kV voltage level distribution network, and it is more and more widely used in power system, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal and other industries. It has the advantages of improving system power supply reliability and safe operation. Obvious effect.
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