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10KV grounding resistor

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TK-BJ Resistance Grounding Device
Product description:
6kV ~ 35kV transmission and distribution system is mainly composed of cable lines, single-phase ground fault capacitor current is large, in order to better limit the system over-voltage level and the rapid selection and removal of faulty lines, neutral resistance can be used Grounding method.
However, consideration should be given to reliability requirements of power supply, transient voltage during faults, impact of transient currents on electrical equipment, impact on communications, technical requirements for relay protection, and local operating experience.

Grounding resistance device complete system diagram

Usage Environment:


Household  internal

Household outside

Ambient temperature



Day temperature difference




≤1000m (more than 1000m corrected by the corresponding formula)

≤1000m (more than 1000m corrected by the corresponding formula)

Product Features:
1, targeted, protected in place
The TK-BJ transformer neutral grounding resistance cabinet is suitable for applications where the system neutral point is grounded with a small resistance or medium resistance. At this time, when a single-phase earth fault occurs on the power grid, the fault line must be immediately tripped. When a single-phase grounding occurs in the power grid, the grounding resistance provides an additional resistive current to the grounding point, so that the grounding current exhibits resistance and capacitance properties, so as to ensure that the generated overvoltage does not exceed 2.6 times the phase voltage.
2, compact structure, easy to install
TK-BJ Transformer Neutral Grounding Resistance Cabinet integrates scattered Z-type grounding transformers (needs to be installed if no neutral point of the system leads out), resistors, current transformers, measuring instruments, grounding protection output terminals and other electrical equipment In a closed metal cabinet, and can be equipped with isolation switch, arrester, complete supply, high safety and reliability, layout clear and tidy, easy installation and commissioning and operation and maintenance.
3, material selection, full guarantee of product quality
The grounding transformer in the TK-BJ transformer neutral grounding resistance cabinet is a high-quality dry-type transformer. The primary winding of the TK-BJ transformer is a "Z" shaped connection. The resistor is made of stainless steel and has high conductivity, strong flow capacity and high temperature resistance. The maximum operating temperature is up to 1600°C; the temperature coefficient is -0.045%/°C, the resistance is stable, corrosion resistance, flameproof and explosion-proof, and the reliability is high. All the resistors made of alloy materials use resistor units, and several units use sub-arc welding to form a frame structure. The resistor units are connected by high-temperature insulators (polymers). According to different customer requirements, our company can provide imported resistors.
4, monitoring function is complete, and provides analog output
The TK-BJ transformer neutral grounding resistance cabinet can be equipped with intelligent monitoring device to monitor the temperature of the neutral point unbalanced current, resistance plate, and resistance cabinet under normal operation of the resistance cabinet, and it can also monitor the occurrence of single-phase grounding fault. The current, and set aside the communication interface, can pass the detection information to the main control room, so that the operator can get the information in the first time.
Products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, railways, which can effectively limit intermittent arc light grounding over-voltage, reduce system operation over-voltage, eliminate system resonance over-voltage, facilitate configuration of single-phase earth fault protection, and can be short Effectively cut faulty lines within the time. This reduces the insulation level of the system equipment, delays the service life of the system equipment, and improves the safety and reliability of the system operation.

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