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It is a professional enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of the power quality control equipment. It has two levels of qualification of substation engineering projects, such as loading, repairing and testing. It is an excellent supplier of power, new energy, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other systems. It is the key high new technology enterprise of the national Torch Program, the software enterprise of Shandong Province, Shandong power transmission and distribution power electronics equipment engineering laboratory has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards and enjoys high praise at home and abroad.

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productdescription: High-voltageshuntcapacitorsaresuitableforparallelconnectioninindustrialfrequency(50Hzor60Hz)1kVandaboveACpowersystems,usedtocompensateforinductivereactivepower,improvepowerfactor,i
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product description:
 High-voltage shunt capacitors are suitable for parallel connection in industrial frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) 1kV and above AC power systems, used to compensate for inductive reactive power, improve power factor, improve voltage quality, reduce line losses, give full play to the efficiency of power generation and power supply equipment .
 AC filter capacitors are suitable for connection with other devices (such as reactors and resistors) to form an AC filter, which is connected to a power frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) AC power system of 1 kV and above for one or more AC power filters. This kind of harmonic current provides a low-impedance path, reduces the network harmonic level, and improves the power factor of the system.
 Use environment:
 Capacitor installation and operation area Ambient temperature range: -40°C to +45°C for BAM capacitors, -25°C to +55°C for BFM capacitors. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters. The area of ​​more than 1000 meters was proposed at the time of ordering, providing high prototype products.
1. Main raw materials: High-quality double-sided roughened polypropylene film, ultra-thin (4.5μm) aluminum foil and benzyltoluene oil were selected to improve the electrical performance of the product.
2. Automatic Flanging of Aluminum Foil: The aluminum foil electrode heads, ends, and edges of capacitor elements are automatically folded to improve the electric field distribution along the edge of the plate and increase the partial discharge level of the capacitor.
3. Internal fuse: The internal fuse and component isolated structure made by the patented technology completely eliminates the phenomenon of refusing to move, malfunctioning, and group explosion of the internal fuse, making the capacitor safer and more reliable.
4. Discharge resistance: Each series section is equipped with a discharge resistance. High-quality high-voltage glass glaze film resistors can ensure the safety of the capacitor after disconnecting the power supply voltage within 10 minutes from the Un2Un peak voltage to 75V.
5. Advanced assembly assembly line for core assembly: The process from component winding, pressure selection, internal fuse assembly, core assembly, core sub-assembly and core sub-assembly are all completed in the assembly line of the mechanized assembly, ensuring the heart of the Assembly quality.
6. Automatic TIG welding (TIG welding): The capacitor shell joints, box wall and box cover joints, hangers and shell butt joints are all completed using a robotic workstation, so that the weld is smooth, smooth and beautiful. leakage.
7. Shell blasting treatment: remove the oxide layer and dirt on the surface of stainless steel, and roughen the surface to improve the adhesion strength of the paint, not easy to take off
 Fall, while effectively testing the quality of shell welds.
8. Painting robots: The imported painting robots and the ultra-high-speed rotary cup-type high-voltage electrostatic spray guns make the paint on the surface of the capacitor spray even and fine, and the paint surface is smooth and delicate.
Application area:
 Mainly used to improve the power factor of the power grid, improve the voltage quality, and reduce the amount of line loss
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