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Dry air-core current-limiting reactor

Productintroduction: Current-limitingreactors,limittheshort-circuitcurrent,andreducetheshort-circuitcurrenttotheallowablevalueofthedevice.Useenvironment:1)Useenvironment:indoors,outdoors2)Ambienttempe
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Product introduction:
 Current-limiting reactors, limit the short-circuit current, and reduce the short-circuit current to the allowable value of the device.
Use environment:
1) Use environment: indoors, outdoors
2) Ambient temperature: -40 °C ~ +45 °C (or according to user requirements)
3) Altitude: ≤1000m (or according to user requirements)
4) Installation and operation location: It should be free of severe vibration or bumps, and can withstand earthquakes with seismic intensity of 8 degrees without damage.
5) Installation location: No harmful gas, steam, conductive or explosive dust
6) Pay attention to ventilation during indoor use
7) Maximum wind speed: no more than 35m/s
 8) Relative humidity: The monthly average is no more than 90%, and the daily average is no more than 95%.
 Note: Please contact with our company for special requirements. We are willing to wholeheartedly meet your requirements.
1) Dry type air-core reactor adopts multi-layer shunt winding and dry hollow structure. The axial electrical stress of the coil is zero, and under a stable operating voltage, the voltage distribution along the height of the coil is uniform.
2) Each winding of the reactor is made by winding small-section insulated wires in parallel, which effectively reduces the eddy current loss in the wires under harmonics.
3) The whole reactor is encapsulated by epoxy glass fiber, and it is formed by high temperature curing. It has high mechanical strength, strong resistance to short-circuit and impact, good dynamic thermal stability, and low noise.
4) Between the coil layers of the reactor, a polyester glass fiber pulling rod is used as an axial heat-dissipating air passage and has excellent heat dissipation performance.
5) The lead wire ends of each winding are welded to the upper and lower aluminum alloy star brackets. There are no fasteners on the mechanical structure to improve the operational reliability and anti-fouling.
6) The reactor is cooled by means of natural air convection; the outer surface is sprayed with anti-aging, anti-UV weatherable silicon organic paint and anti-fouling flash RTV paint.
7) The special sealing process of reactors effectively prevents rain and moisture from penetrating into the electric seal and destroys the insulation.
8) The reactor adopts special epoxy resin formula, which has more than 30% mechanical properties such as bending and stretching compared with the conventional formula, so that the reactor can operate stably under extremely cold conditions without cracking.
9) When calculating the temperature rise, the reactor takes into account the maximum temperature of the hot spot and leaves a considerable margin, thus ensuring the long-term safe operation of the reactor.
10) The entire reactor has a simple and compact structure and can operate in outdoor weather conditions for a long period of time. The equipment maintenance is simple and convenient.
11) Dry-type air-core reactors have the advantages of low loss, high strength, low noise, easy installation and simple maintenance, and have a design life of up to 30 years.
Application area:
 Products are widely used in power systems, chemicals, metallurgy, coal mines, electrified railways and other special occasions.
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