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Dry iron-core series reactor

Productintroduction: Inserieswiththehigh-voltagecapacitorbank,access6~35kVpowersystem,usedtolimittheshuntcapacitorsincombinationwiththeinrushcurrentandsuppresstheharmonicofthepowergridreactor.Useenvir
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Product introduction:
 In series with the high-voltage capacitor bank, access 6 ~ 35kV power system, used to limit the shunt capacitors in combination with the inrush current and suppress the harmonic of the power grid reactor.
Use environment:
1) Use environment: indoors
2) Ambient temperature: -40 °C ~ +45 °C (or according to user requirements)
3) Altitude: ≤1000m (or according to user requirements)
4) Installation and operation location: It should be free of severe vibration or bumps, and can withstand earthquakes with seismic intensity of 8 degrees without damage.
5) Installation location: No harmful gas, steam, conductive or explosive dust
6) Pay attention to ventilation during indoor use
7) Relative humidity: The monthly average is no more than 90% and the daily average is no more than 95%.
 Note: Please contact with our company for special requirements. We are willing to wholeheartedly meet your requirements.
1) CKSC dry iron core reactor adopts dry iron core structure, three-phase common body, high quality silicon steel core, iron core column is composed of multiple air gaps, and air gap adopts epoxy glass cloth plate as filling material. The gap does not change during long-term operation.
2) The dry iron core reactor has a simple overall structure, small size, light weight, reasonable layout, and easy installation. It is an ideal supporting equipment used in the indoor capacitance compensation frame and cabinet type equipment, and has no electromagnetic pollution, no oil pollution, Good flame retardancy, less magnetic flux leakage, and less electromagnetic interference to the environment.
3) The coil is epoxy cast type. Epoxy glass mesh cloth is applied inside and outside the coil for reinforcement. The epoxy casting system is cast under vacuum state. It has excellent heat dissipation performance, good insulation performance, high mechanical strength, and dynamic thermal stability. Well, no cracking occurs.
4) Epoxy casting coils do not absorb water, have low partial discharges and can operate safely under harsh environmental conditions.
5) The gap between the stem and the insulating cylinder is sealed with epoxy resin, and the upper iron yoke and the coil are tensioned by the pull screw, so that the iron core and the coil are integrated, and the insulation strength between the iron core and the coil is strengthened. Reactor operation noise is reduced.
6) Special insulation components are installed on the coils and cores, cores and ground to ensure the electrical insulation distance.
7) The reactor iron core and winding are not immersed in any liquid. The cooling method is air self-cooling, no oil leakage, easy to manufacture and maintain, and easy to operate.
8) Use special computer software for auxiliary optimization design. The inductance value is accurate and there is a reasonable margin for temperature rise.
Application area
 Products are widely used in power systems, chemicals, metallurgy, coal mines, electrified railways and other special occasions.
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