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Dry semi-core shunt reactor

Dryhalf-heartshuntreactor productdescriptionProductintroduction Thedrytypehalf-heartreactorputsthecorecolumnintheconventionalcorereactorstructureintothehollowoftheair-corereactor.Itisdifferentfromthet
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Dry half-heart shunt reactor
 product description
Product introduction
 The dry type half-heart reactor puts the core column in the conventional core reactor structure into the hollow of the air-core reactor. It is different from the traditional iron core reactor in that its iron core does not surround the entire coil and forms a closed loop. It ingeniously transfers the air gap originally placed on the core column of the iron core reactor outside the coil of the air core reactor.
Use environment
1) Use environment: indoors, outdoors
2) Ambient temperature: -40 °C ~ +45 °C (or according to user requirements)
3) Altitude: ≤1000m (or according to user requirements)
4) Installation and operation location: It should be free of severe vibration or bumps, and can withstand earthquakes with seismic intensity of 8 degrees without damage.
5) Installation location: No harmful gas, steam, conductive or explosive dust
6) Pay attention to ventilation during indoor use
7) Maximum wind speed: no more than 35m/s
 8) Relative humidity: The monthly average is no more than 90%, and the daily average is no more than 95%.
 Note: Please contact with our company for special requirements. We are willing to wholeheartedly meet your requirements.
 As a new generation of reactor products, dry semi-core reactors have the following features:
1) The appearance and package structure of dry type half-heart reactors are the same as those of ordinary air-core reactors. They are multi-layered parallel-type cylindrical structures with thin wires. The difference is that the former is equipped with inner iron cores, and the inner iron core is made of high quality. The high-permeability magnetic silicon steel sheet is stacked into a cylinder type, and is formed by winding the glass filament bundle impregnated with the epoxy resin and the wire package as a whole, thereby preventing the vibration and moisture of the iron core, ie, ensuring the low noise level and ensuring that Outdoor installation use.
2) A core column made of high-conductivity silicon steel sheet is added to the coil. As a result, the magnetic permeability in the coil is greatly increased. Therefore, compared with the air-core reactor, under the same capacity, the diameter of the coil can be greatly reduced, the amount of wire can be greatly reduced, and the loss can be greatly reduced. Compared with dry-type air-core reactors, the volume is reduced by 20-45%, and the power loss during the operation of dry-type half-heart reactors is reduced by 25-40%, conforming to the non-oiling, miniaturization, energy saving and environmental protection of national electrical products. The development trend.
3) Because the magnetic flux path of the dry half-heart reactor is composed of iron core and air, the iron core is in the non-closed state, and the magnetic core density of the iron core is low. Under normal operating conditions, the core of a dry half-heart reactor does not saturate and the reactance value is still linear.
4) The electromagnetic calculation of the dry type half-heart reactors adopts the calculation software jointly developed with a well-known domestic university, and the accuracy is extremely high.
5) New technology is adopted to reduce the leakage current on the encapsulated surface, and the surface of the reactor is specially treated to enhance the anti-fouling insulation class of the reactor. The core and layers of coils are surrounded by dipped epoxy glass fiber, so that the coil is excellently protected.
6) The core of the dry type half-heart reactor is vacuum-epoxy-casted. The outer core of the core is wrapped with a protective layer. After solidification, the overall structure is very strong, thereby weakening the vibration of the iron core and reducing the product noise. At the same time, special protective measures can be applied directly to the outdoors, regardless of environmental conditions.
7) The dry half-core reactor encapsulation and the glass core impregnated with the epoxy resin glue are completely solidified after being surrounded by the glass fiber, and the reactor is a rigid whole body. At the same time, the inner iron core “diverts” the magnetic flux, the magnetic density at the reactor wire is relatively reduced, and the overall number of turns of the reactor is small. Under the same short-circuit current, the electric power of a single wire is reduced. Improve the short-circuit electric impact force.
8) In addition to the above features, half-heart reactors also have many advantages of dry-type air-core reactors. Such as:
 Made of self-extinguishing materials, no strict fire prevention measures are required;
 Low maintenance workload
 High operational safety and reliability;
Application area
 Products are widely used in power systems, chemicals, metallurgy, coal mines, electrified railways and other special occasions.
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