Taikai Taishan Industrial Park, No. 11, Leigushi East Street,Tai'an city, Shandong province, P.R.China

It is a professional enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of the power quality control equipment. It has two levels of qualification of substation engineering projects, such as loading, repairing and testing. It is an excellent supplier of power, new energy, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other systems. It is the key high new technology enterprise of the national Torch Program, the software enterprise of Shandong Province, Shandong power transmission and distribution power electronics equipment engineering laboratory has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards and enjoys high praise at home and abroad.



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Projects Show

Reactor operating in 800kV extra-high voltage substation in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia

Shunt reactor operating in 750kV substation in Wucaiwan, Xinjiang

Reactor operating in engineering of 220kV substation in Shannan, Tibet

Reactor operating in newly-built engineering of 500kV substation in Changdu, Tibet

Reactor operating in substation of Kehan Metallurgy

Reactor operating in 500kV substation of State Grid in Weifang

Reactor operating in 500kV substation of State Grid in Hongdu, Jiangxi

Shunt reactor operating in 500kV substation of State Grid in Minzhu, Jiangsu

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