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TSC-type SVC

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product description
TSC (Thyristor Switched Capacitor) Type SVC
The high-voltage TSC dynamic reactive power compensation device consists of a control system, a trigger system, a thyristor monitoring system, a pulse transformer, a capacitor, a reactor, and a protection unit. The control system detects the reactive power of the power system in real time, automatically judges the capacitor branch to be switched, and then realizes the input or removal of the capacitor bank by controlling the thyristor valve group of the corresponding branch. The above process is completely automatic and ensures that there is no impact, no inrush current, and no transition during capacitor switching.
TSC (Thyristor Switched Capacitor) Type SVC
 ※ The thyristor valve unit adopts a single-phase vertical structure, which is easy to install, compact in structure and small in footprint;
※ The control system adopts DSP + MPU dual processor architecture;
※ Track load changes in real time, dynamically compensate for reactive power, and increase system power factor;
※ Optical fiber trigger technology is used to realize the electrical isolation between primary and secondary systems, to solve the interference problem, and to achieve high reliability;
※ The use of thyristor control switching capacitor bank, really realize the zero-crossing capacitor bank, and increase the service life of the equipment;
※ There is no surge current, no operation over voltage, no re-ignition of the arc in the capacitor bank switching process;
※ The main circuit design fully considers the problem of the amplification of harmonic currents by the capacitor bank to ensure safe operation and reliable operation of the equipment.
※ The controller is fully digitalized, liquid crystal display, with networking communication capabilities;
※ The controller has high reliability, and is easy to operate. When connecting with the system, it is not necessary to consider the phase sequence of the AC system, and the compensator has complete protective measures;
※ The thyristor valve body circuit parameters are well-designed, the calorific value is small, the equipment structure is compact, and the floor space is small;
※ The information transmission between the control cabinet and the thyristor valve body is all realized by high-voltage optical fiber, without any electrical contact, completely solving the problem of controlling the electrical insulation of the low-voltage side and high-voltage side;
※ The dedicated thyristor valve monitoring unit can monitor the running status of each thyristor in the thyristor valve body in real time. The LCD display is intuitive and simple.
※Using the unique self-powered power supply and high-precision DC power supply for the thyristor valve body high-voltage control circuit, the power output capacity is large, and the reliability is high;
※Applicable to occasions where reactive load shock frequently fluctuates;
※ Improve voltage quality, stabilize system voltage, and suppress voltage flicker;
※ Reduce network loss, high efficiency and energy saving.
Application area
1 long distance power transmission
 The power system is currently tending towards high-power, long-distance transmission, which requires the transmission and distribution system to be more efficient. Dynamic compensation can significantly improve the power transmission and distribution performance of the power system. Dynamic compensation can be installed at one or more appropriate locations on the power grid to achieve the following objectives:
1, stable system voltage;
2. Reduce transmission loss;
3, increase the transmission capacity;
4, buffer power shock;
5, increase transient stability limit.
2 coal mines
 The hoist will have the following impact on the grid during its work:
1. Cause the voltage drop and voltage fluctuation of the power grid;
2, low power factor;
3, the transmission device will produce harmful higher harmonics.
 The dynamic compensation device can perfectly solve the above problem.
3 Wind farm boost station
 The reactive power consumption of the wind farm changes with the change of wind speed. The dynamic reactive power compensation device can realize rapid dynamic adjustment of reactive power, stabilize the system voltage, increase the power factor, completely solve the problem of reactive power transmission in wind farms, and improve wind power. Field booster station ideal for power quality.
4 electric arc furnace
 Arc furnace as a non-linear and irregular load into the power grid, will have a series of adverse effects on the power grid, which are mainly:
1. The generation of high-order harmonics is a complication of voltage distortion;
2. Result in severe three-phase imbalance in the power grid and negative sequence current;
3, there is a serious voltage flicker;
4, low power factor.
5 rolling mill
 The reactive impact load of the rolling mill has the following effects on the power grid:
1. Decrease the power factor;
2, causing voltage fluctuations and voltage drops, severe electrical equipment can not work properly, reduce production efficiency;
3, Harmonic harmonics will be generated in the load transmission device, which will cause serious distortion of the grid voltage. Dynamic compensation can solve the above problems perfectly, keep the bus voltage stable, no harmonic interference, power factor close to 1.0.
6 Electric locomotive power supply
 The electric locomotive transportation mode has also caused serious “pollution” to the power grid while protecting the environment. The single-phase power supply of the electric locomotive causes serious imbalance of the three-phase power network and reduces the power factor, and generates negative sequence current. The only way to solve this problem in the world is to install a dynamic compensation system at an appropriate position along the railway to increase the power factor. .
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