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Voltage reactive automatic-adjustment device

productdescription Withtheshortageofenergy,thepowersystemisinasituationofpowershortage,improvingtheeconomicoperationofthepowersystem,andgreatlyreducingthelinelosshasbeenhighlyvaluedbythenationalpowers
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product description
 With the shortage of energy, the power system is in a situation of power shortage, improving the economic operation of the power system, and greatly reducing the line loss has been highly valued by the national power system and users. For a long period of time, there has been no effective reactive power adjustment method, which can not timely adjust the system power factor, ensure the reactive power on-site balance, reduce the reactive current, and reduce heat loss.
The TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic adjustment device can stabilize the system voltage, adjust the system power factor, and effectively reduce power system losses. The TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic adjustment device uses a voltage regulator to change the output voltage of the capacitor end, thereby changing the reactive output capacity to adjust the system power factor. The device does not have overvoltage during the adjustment. During the adjustment process, the capacitor does not charge or discharge. Therefore, timely adjustment can be realized, and the capacitor is always operated below the rated voltage of the capacitor to ensure the safety of the capacitor and prolong the service life. Capacitor access is not grouped, but its output capacity can be continuously adjusted. Commonly used capacity adjustment ranges are (100~25)% and (100~36)%. There are nine outputs.
1 According to the system voltage reactive power parameters, according to the nine-bit map and fuzzy control principle to ensure that the bus voltage within the qualified range, to ensure the power factor within the setting range, to ensure the best power factor, the minimum line loss;
2 The device capacitor is fixedly connected, and no reactive power is used to adjust the reactive power. Instead, the reactive power output is adjusted according to Q=2πfCU2 to change the capacitor terminal voltage to meet the reactive power output requirement of the system.
3 There is no overvoltage in the voltage regulator during the regulation process, which can ensure the safety of the capacitor and prolong its service life;
4 The low voltage closing of the capacitor can be used to effectively reduce the impact of the closing current of the capacitor on the system and the capacitor itself;
5 Since the capacitor is always not disconnected from the power grid during the voltage regulation process and there is no charge/discharge phenomenon, there is no adjustment delay and timely adjustment can be realized.
Application area
TK-DWZT voltage reactive power automatic adjustment device is widely used in 35 ~ 220kV substations and users 10 ~ 110kV substation 6 ~ 35kV bus, mine hoist, wind farm booster station, electrified railway; for voltage and reactive power automatic control, guaranteed Voltage pass rate, improve voltage quality, ensure power factor between 0.95 ~ 0.98, effectively reduce the line loss.
 (1) Mine hoist
 The hoisting machine will cause the voltage drop and voltage fluctuation of the power grid during operation and reduce the power factor of the power grid. The TK-DWZT voltage reactive power automatic adjustment device can solve the above problems.
 (2) Wind farm boost station
 In a wind farm booster station, if a capacitor bank is divided and switched to compensate the system for reactive power and improve the power factor, this method cannot achieve rapid adjustment with the change of wind speed, and it is likely to cause reactive power to the system. Raise the bus voltage, endanger the electrical equipment and system stability. The TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic adjustment device can quickly adjust the voltage for reactive power compensation. When the bus voltage is stabilized and the power factor is increased, the reactive power reversal problem can be completely solved. Installing the TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic control device on the boosting station of the wind farm can save costs and reduce the occupied area, and achieve the best results with the least investment. It is an ideal choice for improving the power quality of the boosting station of the wind farm.
 (3) Power supply for electric locomotives
 The electric locomotive transportation mode has also caused serious “pollution” to the power grid while protecting the environment. The single-phase power supply of the electric locomotive causes three-phase severe imbalance and low power factor of the power supply network, and produces a negative sequence current. One of the ways to solve this problem in the world is to install the TK-DWZT voltage reactive power automatic adjustment device at an appropriate position along the railway to increase the power factor.
 (4) Long-distance power transmission
 Power systems are currently tending towards high-power grids, long-distance transmission, and high energy consumption. The TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic adjustment device performs power grid reactive power compensation in a voltage-regulating manner, which can significantly improve the transmission and distribution performance of the power system, that is, in order to maintain a balanced voltage under different grid conditions, in one place of the power grid. Install the TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic adjustment device in multiple places to achieve the following objectives:
1 stable weak system voltage
2 reduce transmission loss
3 Increase transmission capacity to maximize the efficiency of the existing power grid
4 increase transient steady-state limit
5 Increase damping under small disturbances
6 buffer power oscillation
 The installation of the TK-DWZT voltage and reactive power automatic adjustment device also provides a solid technical guarantee for the current grid operation in China.
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