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FC filter capacitor

1.Productintroduction Theloadofironandsteel,petrochemical,metallurgy,coal,printinganddyeingindustrieswillgeneratealargenumberofharmonicsduringtheworkprocess,causingseriouspollutiontothepowersystemanda
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1. Product introduction
 The load of iron and steel, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal, printing and dyeing industries will generate a large number of harmonics during the work process, causing serious pollution to the power system and affecting the quality of electricity supply. The passive power filter device absorbs the harmonic current generated by the harmonic source and is an effective measure to suppress the harmonic pollution. The passive power filter device is mainly composed of a suitable combination of a filter capacitor, a hollow filter reactor, and a non-inductive resistor. In operation, it is connected in parallel with the harmonic source and functions as a filter and takes into account the need for reactive power compensation and voltage regulation. Because of its economical practicality, simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, it has been widely used.
2, product features
 Complete set: The whole set includes: a) distribution cabinet: contains circuit breakers, disconnectors and current transformers, etc. b) relay protection screen: implements functions such as protection, automatic switching, measurement and communication; c) once Components: including filter capacitors, filter reactors, discharge coils, arresters, and blowout fuses, etc.; d) steel frames and fences.
 Miniaturization of the device: To facilitate transportation and reduce the floor space, the complete device has a compact structure and a reasonable layout. It fully considers the simple and intuitive installation and operation and maintenance.
 The series performance is good: The main equipment, steel framework and spare parts of the complete set of equipment are generalized, and different capacity grades are appropriately classified. The selection of circuit breakers and other control equipment, protection devices and automatic switching, and the protection of single capacitors fully respect the opinions and suggestions of users. Manufacturers supply complete sets of products according to the contract requirements.
 Strong flexibility: It can meet the different requirements of power quality in urban power grid, rural power grid and heavy industrial load. It can simultaneously compensate for reactive power, increase system voltage, and improve voltage distortion rate.
 Strong adaptability: China has a vast territory, and the climate conditions in regions such as the north and the south, the cold and the high tropics, and high altitudes are very different. The different designs of complete sets of equipment fully satisfy their reliable operation under different climatic conditions.
3, application areas
 High-power rectifier devices: such as electrolytic aluminum, intermediate frequency furnaces, rolling mills, etc., semiconductor devices in the process of turn-off and turn-off will produce characteristic harmonics related to their wiring, and the harmonic current flowing into the system will affect the transformers and motors, etc. Work normally, causing it to overload or even burn.
 Electric locomotives: Most of the electrified railway locomotives currently in use in various countries use AC power of 25 to 35 kV and are supplied by two phases of the traction substation. This inevitably causes an asymmetry of the three-phase loads, thereby injecting both the harmonic current and the negative-sequence current into the power system. The same capacity filter is generally installed on two power supply arms of a traction transformer.
 Loads containing ferromagnetic characteristics of the device: such as transformers, iron core reactors, etc., when operating in saturation, due to the non-linearity of the magnetization curve, will generate a certain number of harmonics, of which the main three times, when the system exists When parallel compensation capacitors are used, an appropriate ratio of the capacitive reactance and the system reactance of the capacitors will cause severe amplification of the third harmonic.
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