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Shunt Capacitor bank-TBB

TBBcapacitorassemblyoverviewTBBhighvoltageshuntcapacitorsets Mainlyconsistsofhigh-voltageshuntcapacitors(C),seriesreactors(L),zincoxidearresters(FV),dischargecoils(TV),disconnectors(QS),postinsulators
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TBB capacitor assembly overview
TBB high voltage shunt capacitor sets
 Mainly consists of high-voltage shunt capacitors (C), series reactors (L), zinc oxide arresters (FV), discharge coils (TV), disconnectors (QS), post insulators, busbars and fittings.
TBB type high voltage shunt capacitor sets can effectively improve the power factor of the power grid, improve the quality of the power supply voltage, and reduce the losses of the power transformer and the transmission line. TBBZ type high voltage reactive power automatic compensation device, uses reactive automatic controller to detect the grid voltage and power factor, through the comprehensive determination of the system voltage and power factor, to control the automatic switching of capacitor devices of each group, to achieve a balanced system voltage and improve the power factor. . This reduces line losses, improves the quality of power supply, and effectively solves the issues of reactive over-compensation and under-compensation.
 Reactors use iron core series reactors, which are small in loss and small in size, and will not interfere with the indoor structure and control equipment.
 The unit with internal fuse structure no longer installs external fuses and has a compact structure and reliable protection.
 The use of four-pole linkage grounding switch, the device has anti-misoperation locking function, to ensure the safe and reliable operation, easy operation.
 The front of the cabinet door adopts a plate-like structure, which can effectively prevent damage to the front end under the accident of the device. The use of a mesh structure on the side helps to observe the operating conditions of the capacitor and enhance heat dissipation.
 The device is processed inside the company to complete all parts and assembled, and the whole package is transported. The installation work at the site is extremely small.
 The device has a high degree of standardization and good versatility.
 The device has a beautiful appearance, neat wiring, and a small footprint.
Application area
TBB, TBBZ type high voltage shunt capacitor complete sets, suitable for power system and industrial and mining enterprises 35kV, 110kV substations, 220kV substations, 500kV substations, 750kV substations; 6kV, 10kV voltage level enterprise substations, new levels of distribution network, Expanded parallel capacitor device.
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